Initial Nokia smart phone specifications: A beginner in Android part

Primary and main, customers are waiting around for a big technology from Nokia. As the outcome, if and when the business want to come back this year, we quite possibly see an Android device. So, the initial function that a lot of want to see on a new Nokia phone, of course, an Android OS. For instance, the latest Nokia product (Nokia D1C) released on GFX benchmark with Android Os, predicted to be Android 7.0 Os.

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Specifically, if you are a true Nokia’s fan, you’ll fantasy of a SnapDragon processor on a new Nokia phone. As described, if a new Nokia phone comes with an Android 7.0 OS, we can absolutely assume to see a highly effective processor. Through 2016, we have noticed some Nokia smart phone with SnapDragpn 820. So, a new Nokia phone probably shows up with the SnapDragon 820 (or even with SnapDragon 821 as some recent rumours). 

Apart from those estimated specifications, a new smart phone from Nokia could be power by 3GB RAM. We could see more Nokia equipment in the coming with bigger RAM (4GB RAM or even 6GB RAM). However, for now, a 3GB RAM is a ideal choice if the Finnish brand name wants to take part in the mid-range section.

Nokia D1C smartphone : Price

With Android 7.0 Os, SnapDragon 821 processor paired with 3GB RAM, we think a new Nokia phone won’t be a finances phone. However, when Nokia makes a come out, users still wait for a unique offer from this brand. As the result, a price from $250 – $300 is fairly ideal. 

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